“The tiger is the supreme master of his [or her] domain… The tiger moves with confident stride, an art of regal beauty in motion, fully present in every moment. The tiger puts a special emphasis on raw feelings and emotions. He [or she] symbolizes the ability to trust yourself.” –  Tigger, Tony the Tiger, Tigress, Richard Parker, and Hobbes

The School Without Walls at Francis Stevens athletic department embodies the spirit and characteristics of the tiger. Our students are powerful, confident, and determined. SWW @ Francis Stevens athletics creates an inclusive setting that emphasizes teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship, and community outreach. Students will grow physically and psycho-socially while taking on the skill set necessary to mold them into productive and global citizens.

Our mission is to provide an enjoyable, educational, safe, and student centered experience for our children to develop a passion to live an active lifestyle and become lifelong learners. Our school often presents our students with their first athletic encounter. We will make certain the students have a positive experience that will inspire them to improve and have them return to every practice and game with excitement.

SWW @ Francis Stevens offers sports through the District of Columbia Interscholastic Athletic Association (DCIAA). If we do not have your sport of choice, we also direct families to join other established and refined organizations within the district.

For more information on athletics, please contact:

Phil Tavares, Athletic Director
(202) 724-2441


Sign up for our Tiger Pride list serve! If you have a yahoo account you can sign-up HERE or simply email to receive updates surrounding athletics and other school related information.

The School Without Walls @ Francis Stevens Home and School Association (HSA) is a major advocate and contributor to our athletic programs. Please consider offering a DONATION to the HSA to support both our school and athletic teams!

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