Boundaries/Enrollment Processes

School Without Walls at Francis–Stevens is a District of Columbia Public School serving students from Pre-Kindergarten (PreK-3) through Eighth Grade.

Enrollment Processes

The enrollment process differs depending on the grade you are applying to (Pre-Kindergarten, or K through 8th), on whether you live within or outside of the school boundary, and whether you are a new or returning student to the school.

All students must provide certification of immunization each year by the first day of school.  You may enroll before these health forms are completed and they must be submitted to the administrative office before school starts.  Families must also provide proof of residency in the SWWFS school district or be accepted for admission to SWWFS through the DCPS lottery process which takes place the year prior to when your family would like to enroll.

Early Childhood/Pre-Kindergarten Enrollment

Families interested in enrolling a child in Pre-Kindergarten must meet the eligibility requirement for age (4 by September 30) and complete an on-line application at

Pre-Kindergarten attendance is not compulsory in Washington, D.C. and DCPS does not guarantee seats in schools for all students.  All interested students, regardless of where they live, must enter the Pre-K lottery to obtain a Pre-school seat at SWWFS.  In the past, demand for Pre-kindergarten seats has exceeded space at SWWFS.  SWWFS uses the DCPS Pre-Kindergarten lottery system to allocate available pre-kindergarten seats.  PK3 and PK4 students receive a preference at their in-boundary DCPS schools.

Kindergarten – 8th Grade

If families live within the neighborhood boundary for SWWFS, parents and caregivers may choose to send their child to SWWFS at any time during the school year.  Any child living in-boundary for SWWFS is guaranteed placement in Kindergarten – 8th grade.  A child must be 5 years old on or before September 30th to enter Kindergarten.

Each year DCPS schools project how many seats will be available for students who live out-of-boundary for that school.  Families who do not live in-boundary or are out-of-boundary for SWWFS may apply to enroll their child in the school through the lottery.  Parents may view the projections and apply online for each child.  Registration for the DCPS out-of-boundary lottery begins in December, the year prior to desired enrollment.


For additional information on enrollment in DCPS, please go to or here.

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