Food Prints


FoodPrints is FRESHFARM Market’s food education program that aims to make positive changes in what children and their families eat through highly engaging, hands-on experiences with growing, harvesting, cooking and preparing nutritious, local foods in season.   We work in partnership with administrators and teachers to ensure that FoodPrints becomes a relevant, enriching program that teaches Common Core, Next Generation Science, DCPS/OSSE Health, and DC Environmental Literacy standards, and that adapts to the unique curricular goals of each school we partner with.

Beginning in October 2015, the FoodPrints program foodPrints_04will provide Francis-Stevens students with hands-on experiences with growing, harvesting, cooking, and eating fresh, nutritious, local foods in an effort to change children’s attitudes towards and willingness to eat these foods.  As part of the program, the school is building an on-site teaching kitchen and will be expanding a year-round vegetable garden, which will be used for both teaching and harvesting.

FoodPrints classes are offered during the school day, and generally run for 1 to 2 hours. There will be occasional garden-based activities in the evenings and on weekends throughout the year. Learn more about the program — and get some healthy seasonal recipe ideas! — at

(And to reach our FoodPrints teacher, Ms. Ibti Vincent, directly, you can email

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